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17 Heartbreaking Confessions Of People After Their Breakup

English Nisan 1, 2016

Breakup is always hard. The initial haywire emotion followed by long period of numbness is excruciating to handle. The moments spent and the memories created are never easy to forget. It’s always hard to let go, but what mostly hold us back is the regret of not saying those words which our heart screamed to let them know. We bring you some of the most heartfelt confessions from people who wished they said it to their ex. It would certainly have made their journey a lot easier.

Don’t hold back yourself from saying the things which have ruined the relationship or could have saved it.

Have a story to tell, do let us know.

1. “It was my fault.”


I let him believe the breakup was his fault and I hated him. I wish I had the courage to confess the fault was all mine.

“Putting the brave face.”

I wanted to tell him that I still love you and always will. My ego convinced me not to say that after the fight.

3. “You are really beautiful.”


She never thought she was beautiful; I wished I have said it more often. In reality, she was the prettiest girl who ever touched my life.

“Love is lost.”

I made the classic excuse of ‘I need to find myself.’ Wish I had the courage to tell that I just fell out of love with her.

5. “You are a cheater.”


He was cheating on me, I knew. While breaking up I never told him, wish I had.

“I am not ok.”

In order to show I was a strong girl, I just nodded when we broke up. She thought I wasn’t upset, that day I lost all hope of love.

7. “You are an idiot.”


I should have said that he was an a$$hole, instead of begging him not to leave me. It was a mistake not to value my self-respect.

8. “You are the best.”


Wish I had the courage to let go of my ego and tell him that he was the best thing ever happen to me. Life certainly would have been happier.

9. “You friends are bad.”


She was a good person sans her friends. Should have told, they make her heinous.

10. “You deserve better.”


Told her, it’s her fault we are breaking up but in reality she deserved better.

“I am here and I love you.”

I should have been with him during his hard time. Instead, blamed him for being too emotional. I should have been, Sorry.

“I am calling it off.”

He always thought I was ugly, and I knew he would end it. Should have done that myself, told him I deserved better and called it off.

13. “You are not a good guy.”


I wanted to tell him that he is doing a favor by breaking up. He was one of the worst guys I knew.

14. “I love you.”


She was the nicest person I’ve ever met but instead of confessing my love I chickened out.

15. “I spent it.”


I was drunk and spent $900 from her credit card in online gaming. Later convinced her that it’s a case of identity theft. Yes, I am ashamed of myself.

16. “They were fake.”


Every time we had $ex I faked an orgasm. He had the right to know.

17. “You are wrong.”


I knew he was still in love with his ex, and I was just a placeholder. I should have mustered the courage to tell him what he did was wrong.

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