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Restaurant Owner Puts A Fridge In The Street, The Reason Will Melt Your Heart!

English Nisan 1, 2016

This planet will never run out of random acts of kindness. No matter how high a person is in an industry he/she belongs, or whatever he/she is doing for himself/herself or the world, there’s still, at least, a little space in their hearts that is naturally generous. If you would have a thorough observation of people’s daily activities, you would see that they still have something to pledge for others. Personally, I maintain high hope for humanity because I believe that people will wake up one day, respect philanthropy and collaboration with equality.

Anyways, here’s the point. You will never imagine that a restaurant like this will dare to surpass the status quo, and just focused on helping others. This is the story of putting a fridge in the street for the benefit of the homeless, hungry people.

Get to know Pappadavada, the world’s first street ‘fridge-aided’ food provider.

Get to know Pappadavada, the world's first street 'fridge-aided' food provider.

Located in Hochi, India, this restaurant features ethnic food. These are originally formulated in Kerala, India.

Meet Minu Pauline, Pappadavada’s Owner.

Meet Minu Pauline, Pappadavada's Owner.

She’s a former leader in Citibank located in Kerala. The company is her brainchild; and so far, things are going great for her.

Bringing the food to needy tummies through Nanma Maram.

Bringing the food to needy tummies through Nanma Maram.

Nanma maram, is a 24/7 fridge installed right outside Pappadavada as an open food source to hungry ones, especially to those who have the access. to the area. It was opened to the public just recently.

Maximizing resources, and avoiding world’s wastage.

Maximizing resources, and avoiding world's wastage.

It is in Minu’s philosophy that everyone must utilize the available resource. If it is not meant for some users, might as well share it to those who need them more.

Visible merits for the most part.

Visible merits for the most part.

In the fridge, fresh leftovers are positioned. Everyone’s allowed to get whatever. It’s a win-win situation.

More and more get to know the helpful facility.

More and more get to know the helpful facility.

Residents in the vicinity and nearby areas are very grateful of this idea. With this initiative, the restaurant seemed to extend their hearts to the people.

Who’s not going to love Nanma maram?

Who's not going to love Nanma maram?

This is really a revolutionary charity. Might as well, do this to companies near you!

Watch the interview featuring Nanma maram!

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