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‘The Nanny’ Cast Reunites And The Pictures Will Make You Go Wild

English Nisan 1, 2016

Who would have not remembered the almost-seven-years-running American Television sitcom The Nanny? For this generation, it might be too hard to answer ‘Yes.’ But whatever the case is, you must have to learn about the show, for that remaining half of your life be not left unfulfilled.

Where are they now? They may be anywhere, but the most exciting thing which happened just recently was when they reunited for some reasons. Good thing, it’s because of Renée Taylor’s eighty-three years old birthday bash!

See what just happened. You’re gonna love it.

Who is “The Nanny”?

Who is "The Nanny"?

Fran Fine (played by Fran Drescher) barged into Maxwell Sheffield’s (Charles Shaughnessy) doorstepped to sell beauty products, then turned to be the latter’s family’s nanny.

Little background of the show.

Little background of the show.

Fran took care to Maggie, Grace, and Brighton, helped the family out in maintaining family’s relationships, health and strength, then the rest is history.

The Nanny cast on a recent photoshoot.

The Nanny cast on a recent photoshoot.

This is what they look now. Do you think they still need a nanny? I don’t hope so. But this is not the surprising reuniting moment they’ve had. There’s more. Wait a minute.

Fran and Renee’s hobby: meeting together.

Fran and Renee's hobby: meeting together.

It’s not the first time they converge and meet for certain reasons. One thing is for sure, this is not the one I’m excited to show you about. Hah. (Photo taken during a function somewhere in the world).

Well, it’s Renee’s birthday…

Well, it's Renee's birthday...

..at Fran’s house.

Lovable trio

Lovable trio

Charles, Renee, and Fran really had that chemistry that lasts through years. Look at them; the charm is still there!

Tight hugs for “The Nanny” star.

Tight hugs for

I cannot believe this just happened. It is a golden moment for these stars, I assume. It’s been a long day but it’s one of the bests. You may go home now.

Don’t forget some memorabillia’s to take home.

Don't forget some memorabillia's to take home.

Some “The Nanny” limited edition dolls, you like?

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