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Woman Took Photos Every Day For A Year, The End Is Shocking!

English Nisan 1, 2016

Every day for a year, this woman took a photo of herself and at the end of the year, she compiled all her photographs followed by making a video out of it.

At the first look, you will see some beautiful images of her, but towards the end of the video, her letter will shake you up.

 An Image Montage
An Image Montage

Here are the striking images are of the Serbian woman. In her video ‘Jedna fotografija dnevno u najgoroj godini života’, she was looking positive and happy in her first clip.

 An Unnamed Victim
An Unnamed Victim

This video is believed to have been made in 2012, till the date there is no clue whether this video is real or an advertise? If you check the report about Serbian women, you will get to know that more than 50% women have undergone domestic violence.

 Images Go Viral
 Images Go Viral

The images of the video went viral after being posted on Reddit. It received thousands of supportive messages, but few raised questions about the accuracy and authenticity of the video.

 An internet user’s comment
An internet user's comment

A user wrote: ‘This looks like a film make-up. I’m not sure someone in this emotional state would be this dedicated to filming her face being beat.”

 The message on the video
The message on the video

You can clearly see this victim who is looking injured as someone had punched her face badly.

'Help me. I do not know if I will see tomorrow'

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